Welcome to Indianola!!

We look forward to meeting all the Ragbrai riders and support crews.

We have more than enough camping sites available for riders/crews.

If your group needs help finding a camp spot, please contact us at: Nolacampgrounds2019@gmail.com

All official Indianola Ragbrai campgrounds will have access to the following:

  • Showers/portable showers
  • Toilets/portable toilets
  • Shuttle service
  • Water access

If your group chooses not to arrange camping space in advance, just go to an information booth upon arrival in Indianola to be directed to available campsites.

If you have questions or need assistance prior to arriving in Indianola on July 23, 2019, please email nolahousing2019@gmail.com. Large groups are encouraged to notify us via email by July 1, 2019.